What if I Quit my Job During a Global Pandemic?

Lately, I’ve been very much considering quitting my full-time job. Forgetting for a moment that the job itself just straight up sucks – seeing everyone else not working (and making more money) is making me jealous! I know I’m #blessed to still have a job when so many don’t and that I don’t have to worry about my finances when so many are but… that doesn’t make me want time off any less. I’d like to get paid to watch Netflix with the security of knowing my job will be there when this blows over too.

Also, for some reason, working seems to suck more when you feel like you’re the only one doing it… Growing up my aunt and uncle owned a little resort in northern MN and the rule always was if someone was working then so were you. Consequently, my aunt never sat the fuck down so we were always working. But weirdly, when the whole family was working it didn’t suck so much. It was those odd times when I’d be sorting recyclables getting stale beer dripped on my legs while everyone else was sitting around drinking said beer, that I hate it there. 

Anyway, I digress. Back to what if I quit my job during a global pandemic. 

Here’s how I’d do it:

Check the $Money!

Check the $Money! Aka no more Bucks… aka Starbucks

Step 1: Open my bank account and calculate how many months I could get by paying 1/2 the rent and covering my auto loan. Answer: 5 and a half months. I couldn’t contribute to food or fun but I could pay rent and my car loan. Also, I’d have no money left over for the wedding expenses in October but who really knows if that will happen anyway at this point… 

Discuss with the Significant Other! 

Step 2: Discuss with my fiancé that I’m quitting. Get his ok to foot the bill if I’m not making a solid amount of money in the next 5.5 months. AKA make sure he’s ok with staying at his equally shit job. (Seems shitty to do to him… “Hey, I hate my job and I know yours blows even more than mine but could you stick it out and pay the bills cuz I just can’t anymore?!”)

Tell the Day Job!

Step 3: Set up a meeting with my manager and put in my 2 weeks. “Hi Paul, thanks for meeting. I’ve loved working here (lies) and it’s been great working under you. I want to let you know that I’ve come to the tough decision to put my 2-week notice in. I’m going to be taking some time off for a bit. No idea when I’ll come back into the workforce (but really I have zero plans too).”

Organize my Exit!

Plan my Exit

Step 4: Create a document to help the backfill understand all that I do on a monthly, quarterly, and daily basis. This document would take all of the 2 weeks to put together. It would still leave out crucial information that’s locked in my head that I don’t even know I know if you know what I mean. 

Step 5: Let the jerk face coworker know that I am quitting and wish him the best of luck (very sarcastically in my head). Also, feel good knowing that said jerk face will now have to think for himself. That should go over well. 

Step 6: Finish out 2 weeks, 1 of which I spent training someone in, and then bid people I actually enjoy adieu. 

Plan my New Found Freedom!

New Found Freedom

Step 7: Take a week off to sleep in and watch Netflix all day. Feel guilty every time Tom gets bitched at at work and make up for it by psychotically cleaning and cooking. 

Step 8: After a week, force myself into a schedule of getting up at 8am. I will wash my face, brush my teeth, and get partially dressed first thing in the morning. (That would be different from now where I get up at 6am and instantly turn on my work computer. I don’t wash my face, brush my teeth, or put a bra on until around 8am after I’ve had time to catch up on emails I missed overnight). 

  • Then I would grab some water and food and sit down at my own computer. From here I work on my blog until 12pm when I would take a break to cook lunch for both Tom and myself. I would also be able to clean up lunch b/c I’m on my own schedule. 
  • After lunch, I’d work a bit more, until around 3:00pm when I’d take another break to walk Pearl or do laundry. I’d zone out for a bit maybe folding clothes while catching up on Bravo. 
  • At 4pm I’d start making dinner and we’d eat at 5pm. 
  • After dinner, I’d spend my evening with Tom and we’d do some type of workout together and maybe play a few games or watch TV. 
  • I’d shower at 9pm and be asleep by 10pm, making sure I’m refreshed to start the day all over again at 8am. This would give me 10 hours of sleep which is ideal.

After one month of this schedule and working on my blog full time (full time being 5 hours a day for 5 days a week, or 25 hours a week – aka part-time), I’d be starting to see an income come in from it. The money would be slow at first but gradually as the next few months tick by I’d gain more and more traction. 

Tom Quits His Job!

Step 9: At the end of the 5.5 months, Tom would also be able to quit his job and start doing something he enjoys… however, 5.5 months seems way too long for him to stick this shit out too. Fuck it, he quits now too and we move back in MN and into my parent’s basement. Sold!

And… Scene

Yeah, that’d be legit… I feel like I might be leaving out some possible stress factors like no health insurance and how stressed I’ll be when the money starts to run out… But would that be more stressful than the current stress…? That’s the $1M question. 

What would be your plan for quitting your job during a pandemic? Do you think it would be a good idea? Should I do it? If you’re still working, are you feeling the same way??