I Wish Someone Had Told Me… How Rare My Personality Is

I’m all about myself. No, really – anything from self-help, self-care, self-love, self-improvement, treat-yo-self self — I love to learn about it. So it makes sense I’d be obsessed with the personality test! 

Strangely, I took a class in high school where we took the personality quiz and I still remembered my results. (I remembered that no one else in the class had my personality type so I changed it so I’d fit in. But I don’t think anyone was buying that I was an extrovert!) So a few weeks ago, I thought I’d take it again and see if my results changed over the last nine years. 

Turns out, nine years later and I’m still an INFJ. Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging. Basically, I enjoy being alone but I’m good at taking care of other people and I worry about their feelings. (For example, when my fiancé proposed my response was, “Are you sure?” Hey, I wanted to make sure he was feeling okay.) I can be emotional/sensitive and I’m also decisive and to the point. It’s a clusterfuck of a situation. Thank God, less than 1% of the population are INFJs! Which perfectly explains why no one else in the class had the same personality type. Also, it explains why sometimes I don’t feel like I fit or I’m being understood. (I actually joined an INFJ group on Facebook and it’s incredible to read the memes that come up about being an INFJ.) 

Personality Test and Romance

Anyway! There are also studies that show certain personality types make better matches. That’s not to say you’re doomed if your partner doesn’t have the personality type recommended, but rather your relationship may be extra unique since it falls out of the average. For example, typically an introvert is best paired with an extrovert.

I had my mom, dad and fiancé take the quiz and read the blurb at the end to see if it fit them. My mom was disturbed at how accurate it was, my dad was “yeah it was pretty close” and Tom’s attention span is too short to actually get a clear answer on if it matched him. Tom’s personality type was one of the ones that match with INFJs so I’m going to assume it was spot on for him. 😉

There are plenty of websites where you can take the quiz but my favorite is, “16 Personalities” at www.16personalities.com. It’s free and at the end, it gives you a couple of paragraphs explaining the results. 

Famous People with Your Personality

Once you read over your results, there’s also a list of celebrities with the same personality type. (Ask Google for the more complete list! I found Oprah and Adam Sandler are both INFJs – Ok, I’ll join your club.) 

Find your Strengths/Weaknesses and Career Path

The next page of the report explains the personality types strengths/weaknesses, then romantic relationships, then friendships (which was spot on for me), then parenthood (unknown on the accuracy of that), career paths (currently, not on a suggested career path), workplace habits (insanely accurate) and finally a conclusion. (After that, they try to sell you on their products and I have to say – I am tempted. Well played 16Personalities, well played.)

Take the quiz and let me know what you think!! I hope you love it as much as I did! It’s awesome when the world makes sense for a minute. 🙂


(P.S. Did the personality quiz peg you as an Introvert?! If you’re an introvert like me, check out this post!)