I Wish Someone Had Told Me… How to Stay Motivated After Work

I don’t know about you – but staying motivated after work is hard to do. Starting off the morning I had such big hopes for my day and expectations. However, the day usually ends with crappy TV shows and mindless eating! Come the end of the day – I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing. (Sometimes it doesn’t even matter how much I’ve crossed off of my list. I always feel like it’s not enough… Anyone else feel like that?)

If you struggle with motivation after work – you’re not alone. When it comes to my evening time management skills – I often suck.

Sooooo, after doing some research I found various tips could help.

1. Make yourself work on your projects for just 10 minutes. Theory says schedule 10 minutes and take that time to really focus on what you’re doing. Whether you want to read a book, work on a blog, apply for jobs or workout- just get started with 10 minutes. After 10 – you can decide to continue or call it quits for the day. If 10 minutes seems to long bump it down to a few. Hell start with 2 minutes and see how it goes! Any minutes are better than no minutes.

2. Think about your project before you leave work. Have your projects scheduled and start thinking about them before heading home. Think what you’re going to accomplish in your 10 minutes and crank it out. Set a reminder in your phone and get excited when it goes off.

3. Work in the morning. This one is really difficult for me. I’ve tried it multiple times but my desire to be unconscious always wins. However, I hope it works for you!

4. Forgiveness. All self-help advice says the same thing “be easy on yourself.” There’s no use in beating yourself up. It doesn’t help motivate you to be more productive – it slows you down with self-hate and distracting thoughts. Instead, show yourself some love and take the pressure off of yourself. Also, rephrase in your head “I can’t” statements with “I’m struggling with _____.”

5. Think of it as an investment. Instead of thinking about how drained you already are and how drained working more will make you – think of the projects as an investment in yourself. Just like an investment into your bank account – an investment into your brain, your future and your health are just as important. Applying for jobs suck – but investing in your future potential career is a hell of a lot better sounding!

As you can see, I’ve excluded the “drink coffee” or “find caffeine” advice. I don’t like the idea of needing caffeine in order to stay motivated. The last thing I want to do is come away from a project with an addiction. I’ve heard cocaine is also a nice stimulant but the same thought process applies.

One last thing, if you’re into structure and want to see your day/week/month planned out – I highly recommend Passion Planners. I stumbled across the product last year and it has been super helpful at keeping me organized. My brain was jumbled with all of the ideas, events and projects I had going on. Getting everything out on paper helped me organize my evening time better. Plus, they come in cute designs and have an awesome back story to how the company was started! Very relatable. Check em out!

Soon I will be as motivated and as successful as Pearl!

Thanks girl!