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I Wish Someone Could Tell Me… Why Female Models Only Look Down

Go look up an outfit idea on Pinterest. Tell me the ratio you find between girls standing tall, looking straight ahead or who actually have heads. Go! Tell me!! I found that most models only look down. Here’s what I found with my Pinterest searches:

Pintrest search statistics obtained from the first 30 results
Search Outfit Ideas Spring Outfits Women Business Outfits Date Night Outfits
Sample Size 30 30 30 30
Confident Women 8 13 20 6
Looking Down/Headless 22 17 10 24
Pass/Fail 27% 43% 67% 20%


Alright, so let’s break this chart down.

Outfit Ideas: Pretend we are trying to grade this category. We want to know if the search passes the test, meaning the percent of women looking up and with a head is at least greater than 60% (we’re nice and lenient). Unfortunately, this category fails! With only 27% of the sample population appearing confident!

Spring Outfits: With Spring fast approaching many of us will be out there searching for cute ways to wear that new floral print. But before you do take a look at this section. Roughly 43% of women you will find in your search will have heads or be looking up. This search scores better than the last but it still fails our test.

Women Business Outfits: Finally! We get 67% of women in this category looking confident and proud. They are complete humans – with skulls and everything.

Date Night Outfits: I had a feeling this section was going to suck balls but I didn’t think it would be THIS terrible. Only 20% of women in this category were shown to have a brain, confidence and were displayed as something other than a piece of meat.

Soooo, 1/4th of the categories passed the test. That’s rough. And that’s a problem. A massive problem. These photos are sending all of the wrong messages to women about what it means to be a female.

Once you notice this style of posing – it’s all you’ll be able to see. It reminds me of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TEDx talk called, “We Should All be Feminists.” (The following quote is also in Beyonce’s song “***Flawless.”)

“We treat girls to shrink themselves. To make themselves smaller. We say to girls: you can have ambition but, not too much. You should aim to be successful but, not too successful…”

We can apply our categories from above directly to this quote. Looking at the Business Outfits search we can see that society is telling women to, “aim to be successful but, not too successful…” That category passes the test but just barely. While counting the Date Night Outfits category – I noticed a majority of women didn’t have heads. A massive piece of the human composition was removed from sight! Along, with that – I did not find one picture of a average size woman. They were all stick thin and preshrunk.

These ads, photos and models are perpetuating the concept that women are less than. Along with many other subliminal messages directed at women – these too need to change.

My point is – the next time you’re posing for a photo, or looking up cute outfit ideas just remember the subliminal messages that you are either unintentionally preserving or being told.








Look, even a feminist like myself fell victim to this horrendous crime… Multiple times!!

But we all know Pearl never would… She has more confidence than any other lady I know. (She will attempt to attack a full grown adult jogger any day of the week. Someone roughly 6x her size!) Girl power Pearl! Girl power!



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