I Wish Someone Had Told Me… How to Make String Art

Sometimes Tom and I get crafty. I had seen those really cool pictures of different string art all over the internet and I thought I want to make string art! How hard can it be??

We were going to make a bison head to represent where we went to school but figured it may be hard to show the detail and the picture may come out looking more like a blob than a bison. So instead we did both Minnesota (to represent where we’re from) and North Dakota (to represent where we went to college). In the middle, we made a heart over Fargo (to represent where we met).

And making this piece was a lot easier than I had thought it would be!

Here’s the steps we took:

    1. We bought nails, string (green, yellow and white), a large piece of wood and stain.
    2. Before staining the whole board, we determined which side was the ugliest. We used the ugly side to test stain colors and compare which stain would look best against our string colors.
    3. Then we stained the good side.
    4. While the stain was drying we found an outline of MN and ND online.

           a.  You can copy the images into Paint and format the sizes based on how many 8.5” x 11” pages you want the object to fill. (MN filled 4 pages and ND filled 3.)

           b.  This took a lot of trial and error to line up how we wanted it on the board. If you’re OCD like us, you’re going to want it perfectly center.

   5.  After the board was dry we tested out the different sizes and orientations.

   6.  Once we had perfectly lined up the printed sheets we taped them onto the board.

   7.  Next we measured and placed tick marks along the outside of the states every 1/4th of an inch.

   8.  Then Tom hammered in nails on every tick mark. (Be patient and buy a lot of nails!)

   9.  Now the fun part! String!

         a.  We started with MN and began by tying a knot around one nail.

          b.  With our design we wanted all the string to radiate out from the heart – so we started the string at the heart and then looped the string outwards around the closest nail.

           c.  After looping the close nail we would loop back to the heart nail and continue with the next closest nail.

           d.  We found it looked nicest if you kept looping the string either on the right side of the nail the whole time or on left side of the nail but not both. (Example: Loop left this time and loop right the next. Stick with one side.)

10.  Last, once you’ve gone to every nail – tie your string off in a tiny hidden knot and cut off the rest.

11.  Drink heavily because you didn’t expect that project to take you 3 months to complete…

Just kidding! You’ll get it done faster than us! You have the steps.