The Law of Attraction and Why I Believe in It

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction or The Secret or “manifesting” but if you haven’t I’ll give you the Cliff Notes. The Law of Attraction is just attracting into your life what you want. You can pick anything in this world and with mental focus and some action, the universe will bring whatever it is to you. That’s right – whatever you’re thinking about – you can bring into your physical reality by thinking about it.

To be honest, I probably wouldn’t believe in the Law of Attraction had I not experienced it myself. It all sounds so woo-woo and too good to be true. However, after having had three undeniable experiences I’m a firm believer in trusting the Universe. 

1. Money, Money, Money!

Let’s start with one of the examples of how the Law of Attraction brought additional money into my life… Have you ever heard the saying, “the more you give, the more you receive?” Well, I had been wanting to donate some money for awhile to school lunches but I was too chicken to call one. Then, one day, I was on Facebook and one of my old college professors posted that he had started a charity to help students who were unable to pay for their school lunches. So I donated $100. 

A week later the Amazon caught fire and I felt the desire to donate again. As I made another $100 donation, I told myself to not worry about the money because it would come back to me somehow. I was happy and excited to give. I had the money available to me and it felt good to donate. I was grateful that I was able too. 

Now I realize I didn’t give $1,000,000 – but $200 felt like a lot to me and it was just on the boarder of what I was comfortable with. There are many other things I could’ve put the money towards – student loans, car loan, wedding fund, clothes, a bunch of ice cream, or Starbucks. 

A couple of weeks went by and then I met with my manager who let me know that yearly pay increases were coming out. He mentioned that it wouldn’t be a lot but it turns out it was enough to bring the $200 back into my life.

2. Ding, Ding, Ding!

Ok, so maybe you’re thinking that last story was more of a coincidence. True, I may have received a yearly raise anyway but I may not have. The yearly raises are not guaranteed. 

However, if that last story sounds phony to you – keep reading, it gets weirder. 

While on vacation, my fiancé’s truck was door dinged. We were out hiking but when we got back we saw a note under his wiper blade. This person was gracious enough to write their information down on a receipt and leave it tucked under the wiper blade…

  1. Most people would’ve just left. 
  2. They easily could’ve looked at his newer truck and thought “eh, this guy has the $ to pay for it – I certainly do not.” But they didn’t! Faith in humanity restored!!

My fiancé and I talked it over and we decided that we would just pay to fix it. We both had accidentally door dinged strangers cars before and although we left our info, we were never charged. Aka we were due and it was our turn to pay it forward. 

I grabbed the receipt and just for kicks, I turned it over to see what the receipt was for. It was from a grocery store and the person used EBT (food stamps) to pay. Then I really couldn’t believe it. This couple couldn’t afford to feed themselves but they were willing to have a claim on their insurance when they could’ve easily just driven away. Immediately we texted her to let her know not to worry about it. She seemed very relieved and we were happy with our decision to pay it forward. 

Jump ahead a few weeks and my fiancé is out of town for work. I decided it would be great if I took his truck in and got the dent fixed so when he comes back it’s brand new! I Google the best place in town with amazing reviews and I decided I’m going to go there. Now, I should’ve known when I pulled into the lot that this place was going to be spendy. Every car in the place was worth more than my life. Suddenly I felt like I was slumming it in the brand new 4Runner. 

The dent guys took a look and gave me a quote. They estimated that it would cost $760 to remove the dent. My jaw hit the ground. I was thinking $300 tops! I thanked the dent guys and mentioned that I will have to talk it over with the owner. My heart was crushed (first world problems I know)! But I had really wanted to surprise my fiancé. Now I’d have to ask if getting the dent fixed was really worth $760 to him. 

When I got back home I took Pearl for a walk around the block to think over my options. While we were walking I quietly said out loud, “I am open to $760 coming to me. I don’t know where it will come from but I am open to receiving it.” I believed the money would come to me and I told myself to stop obsessing over it. 

A couple of days later, out of the blue, my manager messaged me and wanted to talk. Long story short, I was getting another raise. He told me what percent increase I could expect to my salary and I quickly calculated what my new yearly salary would be… What numbers do you think appeared on the calculator?? My new salary was going to be $xx,760!!! Out of all the numbers to show up – it’s the ones I asked for and that I had been looking for. 

3. Love, Love, Love!

This final story is a bit older but it’s one of the greatest things I’ve asked to come into my life and it showed up. 

Junior year of college I was dating this guy and he was weird. He got jealous really easily and he didn’t find my sarcastic humor funny. He was SO sensitive about everything that I never felt like I could talk because I’d hurt his feelings. He was controlling and manipulative, to say the least. 

I knew I wasn’t happy and I knew it wasn’t a healthy relationship. So one night I decided to do a guided meditation on how to Create the Love of Your Life… It sounds horribly cheesy I know but I thought it might help me get clear on what type of relationship if any, I did want to be in. 

Throughout the meditation, I thought of someone who understood my sense of humor and who would laugh with me. I imagined someone who I could laugh uncontrollably with and who wouldn’t take life so seriously. I thought about someone who was caring but who was also a sarcastic asshole every now and then. I thought of someone who wanted more than the 9-5 out of life and I thought of someone who would encourage me with my wild ideas. I imagined someone who was the complete opposite of the guy I was currently dating. And just for the hell of it, just for the fucking hell of it – I imagined this person’s name was Tom because all the Toms I had ever met were hot.

The next morning, I had the clarity to know that I needed to break up with the current wet blanket of a boyfriend. And after I did – I felt so happy and relieved! Of course, I felt a little bad for him because he was heartbroken and a bit blindsided but I felt so much better. There’s a certain peace that comes when you follow the Universe’s signals.

 That night, I did the mediation again. I focused on how awesome it would be to find someone who laughed with me and who understood that good enough, wasn’t good enough. I felt the joy of us laughing together and the peace I’d finally have being with someone that got me. I let myself feel excited and grateful that this person was out there.

A day later, I met my fiancé… named Tom. Two days after breaking up with the weird dude who didn’t get me and treated me like trash – I met this amazing human who checked all of the boxes on things I had meditated on. When I first met him he asked what my major was… when I told him it was Math he made a grossed out face and stuck out his tongue.  Determined to be myself, I sarcastically responded with, “What the fuck is wrong with you??” And get this, WE BOTH FUCKING LAUGHED!! The last dude would’ve had a shit fit if I asked him that. This new guy was a breath of fresh air!

Then on our first date, I asked him if he was going to open the car door for me where he responded with, “What are your arms broken??” I was hooked. However, I didn’t know how perfect he was until one time we were horsing around and he jokingly started pushing me off the couch. I said, “I thought you loved me!” (this was before actual love) and he responded with the best thing he could’ve. He said, “You thought wrong bitch!” I died laughing and fell in love with him at that moment. Six years later and I still quote “You thought wrong bitch!” because I found it absolutely hilarious. So much for chivalry and sweetness, this girl needs sarcasm! He’d do other things that were sweet but he knew when to tease around and be just enough of an asshole like I asked for. ♥️

In Conclusion

There you have it. My top three Law of Attraction experiences and why I believe. Money has found its way back to me after donating, money has come to me when I’ve asked for it, and love showed up when I got clear on who I was looking for. I know some of it may sound like a coincidence and you don’t have to believe but if you open yourself up to trying something new, you might be pleasantly surprised.

(P.S. The Law of Attraction is definitely something I Wish My 15-Year-Old Self Knew! I have to add that to my list of things over here.)