I Wish Someone Had Told Me… About Graduation Day

You made it. Graduation day is here!

This is the moment you have been waiting for – the moment you have been working towards. You have graduated!
If you’re anything like me – it only took you five short years and multiple majors.

The graduation part – was a lot different than I had imagined. I thought I would be so relieved and ecstatic but instead I felt overwhelmed and depressed.


As I sat down waiting for the president of the university to give his, oh so, inspiring speech I looked through the program pamphlet. The first thing I did was find my boyfriend’s name and as I looked up his name I was so excited to see that he was graduating with a degree in computer science! However, right above his name was my ex-boyfriend’s. F word.

How was is happening?! They were going to spend the next three hours sitting next to each other – tolerating each other. Quickly I texted him to ask if he knew anyone he was sitting by. Thankfully he said he didn’t, but wanted to know why I asked. I told him to look his name up in the pamphlet… Jokingly he responded and asked, “Are you just working your way down the list? Because the next name is a girls.”
He’s perfect. There is nothing better he could have said.

Anyway, ignoring the ex-boyfriend situation.

First, no one tells you how stressful life at that exact moment is.

It was horrible and daunting. People all around me had jobs – all of my friends were successfully employed. They had checked “Go to College” and “Get a Real Job” off of the list of life. I had not.

Everyone was encouraging and kind but deep down I felt worthless. I couldn’t believe that I had spent the last 5 years working toward this piece of paper I was now holding. However, it meant nothing. My mom was proud – she refinanced the house for that piece of paper. She was so excited that I accomplished something she never had.

Second, you’re probably going to move back in with your parents.

I moved back home. Something I had NEVER wanted to do but I had to. It was fine. I enjoyed having my family around, especially since my brother was about a month away from being deployed overseas. We went camping and hung out during the evenings watching TV. I spent the day trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life. Tom had a good job. He was moving to southern Minnesota. I had to decide if that is where I wanted to go…

I had always had the plan to move out to NY after college. Work there and live the dream. Now, I had so many options. Too many options. I could move with Tom, go back to school to get my masters in mathematical finance or apply for jobs in southern Minnesota. Or I could say screw it and take myself and my dog to NY.

Third, we plan and God laughs.

Well, I moved to southern Minnesota with Tom. He was too good to leave behind.

Shortly after moving to the southern part of Minnesota, I finally got a job interview! I thought it went very well and was excited for the opportunity to work there. (More on how I finally got an interview in another post.)

However, while I was waiting to hear back – I spent my days at home, with my dog. Her and I watched TV, read and kept busy. I would clean and make dinner, and go to the store to buy groceries. My bank account was low and I was close to depending on someone else. (It has always been and always will be a life goal to never depend on anyone. I was getting close.)

I tried to enjoy the downtime since I figured I would have a lifetime of a 9-5 coming up.

It got old though. My brother deployed to Kuwait, my dog got fleas, I had no money, no job and Tom was feeling distant. It’s crazy how life still happens even when you think it would be smooth sailing.

After a month of living the domestic wife (without the ring) life, I started employment at the only company I interviewed with. I was thrilled to start work and put my degree to use!

In conclusion, if you’re close to graduating – don’t get too freaked out. There are other people out there in the same situation… freaking out and slightly losing it. Everyone does not have a job, everyone is not moving to some exotic land and no-one will ever have it all figured out. Have faith it will all work out. I promise.

P.S. Go Bison!