4 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me… When Missing a Goal

Something that has been eating me alive for quite some time is my inability to get a job out of state. Moving out of the midwest has been a goal for mine for years but for some reason, I keep missing my goal.

To me, this feels like a HUGE failure. The plan was to live in our current town for two years (we’re at three) and then move out East or West for two years. 

I have tried a variety of tactics ranging from taking my address off of my resume, putting down a relocating date, catering each resume and cover letter to the specific job, reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn and blindly applying for any job. 

With my type A personality I tend to get wound up and frustrated by the lack of success I’ve had on this goal. Sometimes I debate giving in. Maybe I should just buy a house here, settle down in this depressing town for the time being and put this goal off to “someday.” This sounds very enticing to me because I’m sick of feeling rejected but I know in my gut – it’s not the right move to make. I know down the road, I’d be more upset with myself that I let minor setbacks stop me from my goal. 

Here’s a list of four things I’ve found have helped me keep on keeping on.


First, things first – you have to have patience. I’ve been working on my goal for three years but honestly, one month in I was already annoyed and frustrated by the lack of response. My desire to move outweighed my desire to quit trying though… that’s how I wound up here at year three. Looking back though, I wish I had been more patient with myself and not beaten myself up over every rejection letter I got.

Trust the Universe

Second, began breathing more. Trust the universe (or God or whatever you call it) to have a plan for you. Everything happens for a reason. There’s a time that your goal is meant to happen and there is something you’re supposed to learn first before achieving it.

Pick up a Hobby

Third, take on a hobby that you are in control of. This blog is my creative, distractive outlet. I have all the say in how successful or unsuccessful this blog is. Unlike applying for jobs where the hiring manager has the final say, I feel in control when I’m working on this project.


Forth, pivot. Getting a job out of state isn’t my only ticket to moving out of the midwest… Maybe I just move out there and then get a job. Or I move out there, get a job that’s not my dream job just to get my foot in the state’s door. Maybe, I don’t look for a job but look for someone with a good life insurance policy that I can marry. Maybe, I marry an old rich guy that can take me wherever. Maybe, I work on this blog and create passive income which allows me to move anywhere. I have options. In the meantime, I won’t give up on applying but I’ll also try not to get overly discouraged or jump to conclusions that I’m stuck here forever.

If your goals aren’t coming as quickly as you’d like and you feel stuck try to remember to have patience and be nice to yourself. Trust the universe and pick up another hobby. Lastly, if it’s still not working change your strategy and start thinking outside the box on how to reach your goal. Old rich guys may just be the way to go. 😉 

 (P.S. Sometimes missing a goal is good for us. Learn more on the topic over here on my article about accepting defeat!)