Do Something Fun… For the Fun of It

Are you the type of person that feels like anything you do you should be looking for ways to make money off of it? Hobbies don’t really feel fun anymore because you’re no longer enjoying them ever since you think you ‘should’ be making money off it.

I’m constantly thinking that anything I do I need to write about it, Instagram it or turn it into a money-making business. It seems like everything I do should be made into a business or a money making scheme. Can I (we) not just do something for pure enjoyment of it anymore?

But Everyone Else is Doing It

Ever since Bethenny made it big on RHONY with her Skinnygirl idea, the other housewives all seem to feel like they have to come up with a business or product to hawk. And I get it! You see someone else who was wildly successful – you too should create a product and become wildly successful. But like, why isn’t being on the show enough? Why can’t cooking, exercise and home renovations stay a hobby and not become a business?? 

And it’s not just reality TV stars doing it! Wherever you go nowadays people are “doing it for the Gram.” Everyone seemly wants to become Instafamous or be an influencer. Instead of getting together with a few friends to go hiking and disconnect, I see women in the latest Lululemon leggings, beanies and trendiest boots taking a billion photos! They travel in packs of 3 and at all times, someone is getting their photo taken. 

Fun for Fun Sakes

We need to get back into doing things just for the fun of it. Hike because you enjoy disconnecting, cook because you love to cook/eat, workout because you enjoy working out and create becasue you love creating! 

Heck, Bill Gates goes on a week-long vacation he calls ‘Think Week’. He spends his vacation learning and thinking simply because he enjoys learning and thinking. 

Let’s give ourselves permission to do something we enjoy and just do it for the pure enjoyment of it. We do this hobby and we don’t think about the Gram, the blog, the podcast, the t-shirts…etc. It’s a hobby we keep sacred.

As a result, I need to remind myself to write because I enjoy writing and to hike because I enjoy hiking. I can write and it doesn’t need to be a blog post and I can hike and it doesn’t have to go on Instagram. Not everything needs to be a business. You can keep things sacred for yourself. 

Now go out there and do something fun, for the fun of it!

(P.S. If you want to read more on creativity and creating for fun, I highly recommend Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic. It’s my favorite book of all time!)