Unfollow Elenor Roosevelt’s Most Popular Advice

No offense to Elenor Roosevelt but screw the advice of “Do one thing every day that scares you.” If you’re an anxiety-ridden perfectionist like myself – daily life is already enough to scare you. 

For example – I’m afraid: of saying something dumb to a stranger, of a blank piece of paper because my creation will most likely not be “good enough”, of being a “good” fiancé, of pressing send on a work email, of reading a work email, of answering my phone, of answering the door, of going to the store alone, of where I’m going in life, of forgetting to move clothes to the drier, of being on schedule with wedding planning, etc. This list could go on and on. You name it – I’ve worried about it!

Life is scary enough without challenging ourselves to bring more scare in. Now I’m sure Elenor meant no harm with this advice but if you’re wound as tightly as I am – you already practice courage daily.

Is it the “running into a burning building” type of courage? No. But it’s still courage.

It’s talking to your work superior and being vulnerable courage, it’s challenging your ugly thoughts courage and it’s letting go courage.. our courage muscles are well exercised! And if you are really like me, your fun muscles are lacking. 

Driving my Jeep – being incredibly BASIC with my Starbucks and Ray-Bans!

So instead – I invite you to follow the advice of “Do one FUN thing every day!” Join me in intentionally picking something fun to do and focus on just enjoying it. 

My fun thing today was driving the Jeep. I really enjoy whenever I get to drive it so I make plenty of excuses to go somewhere. While I’m driving, I think of all of the things I love about it and I focus on enjoying myself. I tune out everything but driving and focus on being present. Other days, I make watching The Real Housewives my fun. My favorite is to fold laundry and watch, what I call “my pictures.” Folding laundry helps me feel productive and justifies the fun. (We don’t have to justify fun but sometimes it’s easier for ourselves if we do.)

Please comment below what will you do for fun today?!

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