Why I Have a Side Hustle and Why I’m Terrified

It’s hard to believe but I started this blog almost four years ago! I was fresh out of college and had started working in corporate America as a financial analyst.  Right out of the gate the job was not enjoyable. The pay was low, the benefits were shotty and there were terrible people to work with. After applying for roughly a billion other jobs and being rejected – I decided a side hustle may help me hate my life just a little less. That’s how I decided to start blogging. I figured that I read a lot, was going through my own stuff and I noticed that I would frequently help my friends with their issues.

Stay Motivated After Work - Dog & Human Sleeping

I Wish Someone Had Told Me… How to Stay Motivated After Work

I don’t know about you – but staying motivated after work is hard to do. Starting off the morning I had such big hopes for my day and expectations. However, the day usually ends with crappy TV shows and mindless eating! Come the end of the day – I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing. (Sometimes it doesn’t even matter how much I’ve crossed off of my list. I always feel like it’s not enough… Anyone else feel like that?)

If you struggle with motivation after work – you’re not alone. When it comes to my evening time management skills – I often suck.

Sooooo, after doing some research I found various tips could help.