About Pencil, Paper & Pearl…

At Pencil, Paper & Pearl… we’re all about creating a handbook for life, one experience at a time.

I started writing this blog because I caught myself frequently saying, “Wow, I wish someone had told me, ____.”  So I decided to write about these unexpected experiences.

This blog aims to be realistic but not depressing, humorous but not obnoxious and informative but not overwhelming. In this community, we will share stories, educate ourselves, remind each other we are sane and laugh!

As for Pearl – she’s a 15-pound adorable dog who loves to lay in the sun. She is glamour and junkyard all at the same time. She’s loving and slightly crazy – don’t set a bitch off. Pearl is wise beyond her 12 years and shares her wisdom frequently. Also, it’s worth mentioning, Pearl’s language can be worse than a trucker’s!

Join us in creating a handbook for life that is both funny and useful!

Welcome to Pencil, Paper & Pearl

Send us an email us at helenejo@pencilpaperpearl.com